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Organic Weed control workshop March 28th

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Organic Weed Control: Human Scale Design and Management
Saturday, March 28th, 2009. 8:30 am to 1:00 pm.

99 Whitikahu Road,  Gordonton,  Waikato

 Weed management is the top challenge to both large-scale organic farming and the home gardener. Many home gardeners abandon their vegetable patches because they fall behind on weeding and then get overwhelmed. It's a pity because this is completely unnecessary if the garden is designed well in the first place. Planning a garden around weed control may not be exciting, but the result can save hundreds of hours of drudgery. Over the course of eight years I developed a highly effective organic weed management system that also breaks insect pest and disease cycles, builds soil fertility and cuts down on watering needs. The system relies on a four-year rotation in beds from one square meter up to a quarter acre. One person can manage an acre of vegetables using only hand tools!


This workshop is appropriate for beginner through experienced gardeners.

 The workshop includes:

• Overview of the four-year rotation

• Regular, easy weed control

• Understanding No-Till systems

• Plant spacing and successive planting

• The use of mulches and compost

• How to make your own compost

• How to grow your own mulch

• The right tools, their use and care

• How to convert lawn to garden as part of the rotation

• Useful tips for growing tomatoes, capsicum, potatoes, pumpkins,

broccoli, carrots, garlic, onions, and corn


The course is offered on a sliding scale from $40 to $60 based on ability to pay. Pre-registration required. Space is limited. Minimum enrollment required to run.

To register, email: etclimber@yahoo.com

Nelson Lebo is an award-winning environmental educator with 18 years teaching experience. He has been an organic farmer and green builder for the last ten years. He has been trained in Organic Land Care, Ecological Design/Build, Eco-Renovation and holds a Permaculture Design Certificate. Nelson has worked as a design consultant and educator in the USA, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, India and New Zealand. He is currently pursuing a PhD in permaculture education at the University of Waikato.




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