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Vibrant Hamilton Trust nominations due 30th March

Posted 11 years, 10 months ago    0 comments

Public Nominations to the Vibrant Hamilton Trust

(are we the last ones, or the first,  to hear about this?)

The Vibrant Hamilton Trust is a new registered Charitable Trust. It is a capital beneficiary of the Waikato Foundation Trust and its primary purpose is to fund projects that will:

* Promote the social, economic, environmental and cultural wellbeing of Hamilton and its communities, and/or;

* relieve poverty through sustainable policies and practices; and/or

* advance education in Hamilton, particularly to promote and advance economic standards for the benefit of the public generally; and/or

* deliver on the strategic aspirations of Hamilton city as identified by the community from time-to-time and endorsed by the Hamilton City Council.

The Trust consists of five members being Hamilton Mayor and four other persons appointed by Hamilton City Council who by their virtue of their community position, skills, qualifications or background are likely to enhance the operation and decision-making of the Trust.

Public nominations are being sought for two Trustee positions who meet the above criteria.

All nominations should include a letter of nomination and a CV, to reach Hamilton City Council by Wednesday 30 March 2011.

* Please address or email nominations to:

The Strategy & Research Unit

Attn: Vibrant Hamilton Trust, Administrator

Hamilton City Council

Private Bag 3010

Hamilton 3240

Email: strategy@hcc.govt.nz

For further information please contact Lisa Mitchell in the Strategy Unit on (07) 838 6642.

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