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Air NZ Funding, Dome Building workshop, PDC Hamilton

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Funding Opportunity

The Air New Zealand Environment Trust (ANZET) will consider funding projects which have a direct impact on the restoration of the New Zealand environment. This can cover a wide range of activities from directly restoring or regenerating land or waterways, through to education and research.
ANZET prefers to fund specific projects and will not fund existing organisations to run day to day programmes. All funding applications must be submitted using the Trust's application form. ANZET will consider projects in excess of $10,000 only.

 ANZET Application Form (word version) attached


For more information : http://airnzenvironmenttrust.org.nz/

Dome and Vault Building Workshop: January 2013
At Awhi Farm, Turangi
How to build using the ground from under your feet  - very low cost but splendid quality

thumb Earth bag house - dome sample

This technique is at the top of sustainable practice.
The Earthbag house dome and vault is getting under way.

From 14-27th January 2013 we are open to students wanting to learn about building vaults and domes from pressed bricks.

Click link for more details  Vaults and Domes workshop.pdf

February 9th PDC

First module of the 2013 Permaculture Design Certificate run by the Hamilton Permaculture Trust. This is run as twelve one day workshops (9 - 5pm)  over 12 weekends throughout the year. Held at different sites around the Waikato, participants are able to experience a variety of permaculture properties.

Anyone interested contact Cheryl Noble 07 834 2249 or 0211390935 or email permaham@actrix.co.nz. Check out the www.hamiltonpermaculture.org.nz for more details of the course.

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