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April events 14/4/08

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News Items 14 April 2008

Some items have been covered already so just their dates are included here as a reminder
Tuesday 15th
Sustainable Urban Design – How to buy a better house –
Continuing Education 858 5209

 Wednesday April 16th  Men’s Shed Meeting - this sounds like a great initiative - (I am hoping that they will be able to fix all the broken objects around all our places!)
If anyone has tools they no longer want get in touch with Neil

2nd Monthly Men's Shed Meeting  -
7pm @ 80 Sunshine Avenue.
As a representative of the steering group / Board of Trustees,  I can say we are single minded in our support for having the Hamilton Community Men’s Shed operational at a more practical level from this meeting on. We are preparing to have the shed open more frequently than the regular monthly meeting confirmed as the third Wednesday of each month. This will assist us in preparing the shed for projects that will be discussed this Wednesday evening. You as possible members or advocates for men are important in this regard. Without men offering skills and help this will not happen. Your suggestions are welcomed.

Welcome  and Introductions

Progress to date and issues to be discussed

Guest Speaker - Kim McKENZIE  an Environment Waikato navigation safety officer is in his 60’s and has a wealth of information, an interesting background and experiences to share and great sense of humour.

Programme and focus confirmation

Group project (Neil to introduce)

Ideas Bank….next monthly meeting.

For more information contact:
Neil Bruce.
Hamilton Community Men’s Shed 
Contact details  Neil Bruce ph 07 843 6934 Fx 07 843 4627 mob 021 1545 026
Email  nbruce@melville-high.school.nz

 Saturday 19th April
Waikato Botanical Society - Hangitiki Wetland, Waitomo
Hangatiki Scenic Reserve has a mixture of forest types including regenerating scrub, tawa and rewarewa dominated forest. The wetland lies in the centre of the reserve and is dominated by manuka and raupo with kahikatea bordering and also contains Gratiola concinna and G. sexdentata. The forest has a large healthy population of king fern and Dactylanthus has been recorded here in the past.
This trip will provide a good opportunity to compile a species list and locate several threatened plants (as well as the odd weed such as pampas and willow).

Meet: Waitomo Tavern Car park at 10 a.m.
Thomas 07 878 1055 (wk) or 07 878 3437 (hm)

Next Monday: 21st April,
5.30pm in the Environment Centre

Transition Towns meeting – for anyone interested in looking at positive solutions for our community to the problems created by increasing oil prices and possible future reductions in supply.
Most people are familiar with climate change and the issues involved. Not so many understand the theory of Peak Oil and its implications for the future. While the two are inextricably linked, the effects of peak oil are already directly impacting on our society, and are likely to intensify both here and globally. Not only in our transport system, but nearly everything we use has an oil-based component.
This meeting is about positive and creative thinking, linking and celebrating the things already happening in
Hamilton, and finding ways to spread the message so that our city looks at alternatives and develops a resilience to future problems.
For more information contact the Environment Centre 839 4452

21st April also – Hamilton Organic Gardeners meeting, 7.30 Fairfield Community House

 Sunday 27th April
Modern Nappy Options Workshop

Venue:  Parents Place, Boundary Road,  2 sessions - 10-12 and 1-3
Many parents start to look for nappies online and end up overwhelmed and possibly give up.  Kate's workshops are hands on.  She will have examples of seven leading brands of modern cloth nappies available and will review each system individually.  There will also be a chance for parents to try them out on supplied dolls so they get a feel for each nappy system.  As well as parents, these workshops have been of great interest to midwives who want up to date information on the different systems so they can advise their clients of their options.  Kate runs her own business NappyDays and stresses the workshops are a nappy promotion, not a business promotion.  She is an experienced speaker and has run similar seminars at Parent and Child shows, for councils and environemtn centres around the country and has appeared of morning television to talk about parents options.  Come along and find out how you can be more environmentally aware and reduce your carbon foot print.

Bookings to Environment Centre Hamilton 839 4452

 Sustainable Living Course
Starting on the 6th May at Wintec, for 7 weeks
Being run by the Environment Centre, with various experts to be brought in where appropriate.
Venue: Room D2.04
Charge: $5 per session
7pm – 9pm

This study series is about options that are available to you, and how to influence the everyday choices that your household members make. These affect what money you spend, and also concern protecting your family’s health and the health of the natural world.
It’s not about guilt from past actions, but about the future that we shall soon live in and what is being passed on as a legacy to future generations from today.  
We are hoping to give information and support so that participants can make lasting changes in their lives.  It will be a fun and interactive course, with practical solutions.

The course will cover:
1st Session:  Introduction - Sustainability

2nd Session: Waste Minimisation
3rd Session: Conscious Consumption
4th Session: Energy efficiency
5th Session: Transport/travel
6th Session: Gardening/organics
7th Session: Construction/ecodesign

 Bookings to the Environment Centre, 839 4452. or email  envirocentre  #at#  paradise.net.nz



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