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Bioblitz at Miranda

28 February 2013

The Miranda Naturalists' Trust (MNT) is organising a "Bioblitz" of the Miranda Coast between 6 a.m. and midnight on 28 February 2013. The area to be covered essentially encompasses the coastal strip between the Taramaire and Pukorokoro/Miranda Streams, and the adjacent intertidal zone. It will also include the grounds of the Miranda Shorebird Centre and the grazing block on the landward side of the road owned by MNT.

What is a bioblitz?

A day and night survey of an area for all forms of life, with the participation of as many people as possible, including local schools, iwi, district and regional councils, community groups etc, searching for species which are then identified by invited on-site experts.

Why Miranda?

MNT has the opportunity to begin a habitat enhancement and restoration project, and we need to find out what is there. This inventory will allow better planning and also give us baseline data from which we can monitor any changes.

What will we look for?

Mammals - using tracking tunnels and identifying the tracks

Birds - netting, observation

Reptiles - searching for skinks under cover objects throughout the site

Fish - Along the coast and in the streams - eels, flounder as well as small native fish

Invertebrates - animals that live in the mud and are food for the birds and fish.  Also,  the shells that make the shellbanks

Life in the mangroves - the insects, spiders, etc. that live in the coastal area. Including those moths, midges and other insects attracted to lights at nigh.   The tiny animals of the ponds and streams

Plants -  of the salt marsh, the fields, the shellbanks and the waterways

Mosses, lichens, algae and fungi; algae and bacteria of the ponds and streams

How will we know what we find?

A range of experts will be on hand to help locate, identify and display the different forms of life, right down to the microscopic

During the day, we will have "Ted Talks" (10 minutes) from a range of experts on birds, insects, skinks, plants, etc. Also there will be infomation on the geology and history of the area.

This event is not just about research and conservation. It is also about education, and an opportunity for the community to learn more about our biodiversity, and what is required to maintain it.

To indicate interest in participating in this event, or for further details please contact us.

Keith Woodley at Miranda Shorebird Centre, 283 East Coast Road, RD3 Pokeno 2473  or, 09 2322781, shorebird@farmside.co.nz.





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