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Co-housing meeting

Posted 6 years, 8 months ago    0 comments

13th November

Meeting regarding Co-housing
5.30pm, in the Waikato Environment Centre

Are you interested in Co-housing? Want to find out more about the various possibilities and meet people with similar thoughts and requirements for the future?

This is probably something along the lines of independent living, sustainable urban housing and gardens, on public transport route, sharing resources.

We are having an informal meeting on the 13th November in the Waikato Environment Centre to meet and find out who is interested, and talk about the possibilities.

There are various models operating around NZ. One which was brought to our notice recently which is already in Hamilton is Abbeyfield. This is probably aimed at a slightly older age group, studio units, with catering, but the model could be adapted for younger more independent people who want to share some resources, gardening, etc.

RSVP katherine@envirocentre.org.nz

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