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Council of Elders seek new members

Posted 10 years, 3 months ago    0 comments

THE COUNCIL OF ELDERS is calling for nominations from city residents passionate about shaping the future of Hamilton.

Formed in 1993, the 15-person team aged over 60 works alongside the Mayor, Councillors and Hamilton City Council staff in an advisory capacity. Four members finish their terms this year and nominations for new members close on 23 November.
It would be good to have someone representing the environmental sector on this council. 

Chairman Dr Michael Hills says the groups’ collective city history spans almost 600 years and they help provide continuity for residents.

“We have knowledge of where Hamilton has come from. But at the same time we take a lot of interest in where the city is going.” He says the Council of Elders provides an opportunity for residents, who were not content to watch from the sidelines, an avenue to express their views.

The Council of Elders AGM is on 7 December from 10.15am in Council’s Reception Lounge.

More information and nomination forms are available on the Council website. www.hamilton.co.nz/councilofelders

 Link for info and form

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