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Dine with Sustainability this week

Posted 7 years, 2 months ago    0 comments

Lunch on Tuesday - Talking Transition

You are invited to the Waikato Sustainability Network lunchtime discussion group. Tomorrow (Tuesday the 29th of March), 12-1.30pm at the Waikato Environment Centre. 'Talking Transition' - How do each of us talk about the work of sustainability? Are we hopeful and inspiring? Are we inclusive and welcoming? Do we turn people off or bring them on board? How do we share our stories? Come along and find out how other people are building momentum for change and transition to a more sustainable future. Coffee, tea and good conversation provided.


Breakfast on Thursday - Sustainable Business 

Kia ora! You are invited to attend an 8-part workshop series organised by the Sustainable Business Network in partnership with the Waikato Environment Centre. Please see below for details. Come and network with like minded others and be part of the the Sustainable Business Network in the Waikato. Scrummy museli and inspiring ideas provided!



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