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Candidates evening and STV

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Candidates evening Monday 9th September

Just a reminder to come along to the Exhibition Hall at Hamilton Gardens on Monday evening for the Environmental sector candidates' evening.
We are not running the usual format so have divided the evening into Wards and Mayoral candidates -

7pm   West Ward
7.45pm East Ward
8.30pm:   Mayoral 

You are welcome to be there all the time if you wish but otherwise come along when your ward is on and stay for the Mayoral candidates at 8.30.
Times are approximate. The evening will be mc'd by Warwick Sylvester.

Our Regional council evening is on the 23rd September in the Chartwell Room at Hamilton Gardens.

STV Campaign

STV Campaign needs your help:

The 'Vote STV for Hamilton' leaflets are now printed so if you want some to give away to your friends, colleagues and others, just email with a drop-off place and someone will get some to you. They are also looking for volunteers to put leaflets in letterboxes and give them away at events, so please reply if you are up for that too :o).

So far STV is  running a very basic campaign due to funding restraints - leaflets etc, but would like to be able to do more - badges, posters, so if you are able to donate to the campaign, please do so.
Dontate Now - You can transfer online into the STV bank account: 'Electoral Reform Coalition – Waikato' Kiwibank bank account: 38 9015 0061771 00.

 Here is why STV is a better system:

STV - Single Transferable Vote - a fairer system

  • As a proportional system STV better reflects the overall wishes of the voters and therefore provides more effective and fairer representation for all significant points of view.  It is the only proportional representation system that works with multi-councillor wards, so it is the Local Body equivalent of MMP. 
  • FPP – ‘First Past the Post’- is a ‘blunt tool’ where all the candidates voted for are ranked equally, whereas in real life voters are likely to prefer some candidates ahead of others. STV enables voters’ preferences to count. 
  • In multi-councillor wards, under FPP the largest minority of voters get to elect most or all of their choices, under STV the vast majority of voters always get to elect at least some of their choices.
  • With STV there are fewer wasted votes. By ranking candidates, voters are more likely to have supported at least one successful candidate.  Rather than a ‘winner takes all’ approach, the vast majority of people contribute to the outcome. As a result they are more likely to feel engaged with the democratic process.
  • Under FPP mayors may be, and usually are, elected with a minority of votes.  In the past Hamilton has had mayors elected with 30% of the votes cast, meaning that 70% of those voting did not support them.  With STV the second preferences of voters would go towards electing the mayor who enjoys the most overall general support
  • By changing to STV, the HCC would be using the same system as the DHB elections, which would therefore be less confusing for voters. 



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