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The Environment Centre will only be open Monday, Wednesday and Friday next week - ie 30th, 2nd July and 4th. It is also closed tomorrow.

Help wanted June 27th
Lucy Bridgman is working closely with Landcare and MEIT to research mice behaviour on Maungatautari. She currently has a couple of radio tagged mice roaming around the southern side of the maunga and has been tracking them morning and night since Sunday. She needs a helping hand and although we have already covered monitoring visits through to Friday morning, we still need some one to go out with her on Friday night only from about 4.00 p.m.for minimum four hours.

Telemetry skills are not necessarily essential but it would help if volunteers were familiar with the principles (Lucy will give you a crash course otherwise). More important is that you are ok with walking around the bush in the dark. It is a really good opportunity to find out what these little animals, that are causing so much trouble and cost for the Trust, are up to.

If you think that this might be something that you might like to do, please ring me on (07) 823 7477 or 027 435 3072 or email me on ally@maungatrust.org.

Ally Tairi

Volunteer Co-ordinator / Operations / Maungatautari Ecological Island Trust PO Box 476 / 64 Alpha Street / CAMBRIDGE
DDI (07) 823 7477 / Mob 027 435 3072
Email - ally@maungatrust.org

5th July
Don't forget Tree Crops sale next Saturday at Hamilton Gardens, usually starts early - 8 from memory

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