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Funding Opportunities

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South Waikato Environmental Initiatives Fund

This is now open for applications.  It closes on 15 February 2013.

The group who manage these funds are mostly local farmers administering the funds on behalf of Cater Holt Harvey Pulp.

The fund is for fencing at $2/m for a 4-wire (2 electric) dairy fence. Trees are provided free, however planting and post-planting care is the responsibility of the landowners.

The application should be in the form of a short letter to the address below with your contact details including name, address, farm location and phone number. The letter needs a short description of the project e.g. length of fencing required, length of stream bank that requires trees, area of wetland.

Send this to:

South Waikato Environmental Initiatives

James Piddock

South Waikato Distirct Council

Private Bag 7, Tokoroa 3444


Waikato Catchment Ecological Enhancement Trust

Applicaitons close 31 January 2013.

This trust is currently seeking applications for projects in the Waikato catchment consistent with the Trust's objectives for the Lake Taupo and Waikato River catchments:

  • Enhancement of wetland values,
  • Enhancement of indigenous biodiversity,
  • Enhancement of the sports fishery and game bird populations in the catchments,
  • Mitigation of any adverse effects of the operation of the Waikato Hydro System on the ecological environments in the catchments.

Please see the website: www.wceet.org.nz for application form,s or contact the Secretary, Michelle Archer on enquiries@wceet.org.nz








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