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TRAVEL CHOICES 7pm to 8.30pm Thursday 5 November

At the Waikato Environment Centre

Do you need to escape the car habit? Come down to the environment centre join a discussion about why we need to simplify, slow down and ponder alternatives to fossil fuel powered transport. We also have representatives from Hamilton Biking Network encouraging us to get on our bikes and consider:

• Cycle commuting: Summer is coming and it’s a great time to start cycling to work, to the shops, cafes, parks … whatever works for you. Join a discussion about cycling around town & time for questions to some experienced commuters.

• Cycle holidays: Inspiring examples of holidays without a car – trips with bicycles and combining bicycle use with buses and trains in New Zealand.

So come on down, the kettle will be on!

Please RSVP Tania at: tania@envirocentre.co.nz



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