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Green Living Show, Make a Bird Feeder, Chartwell Garden Club

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The Green Living Show & NZ Organic Natural Expo

5th - 6th July, ASB Showgrounds, 10am - 5pm .

Explore four shows in one event: Organisc & Natural; Healthy Lifestyle; Ecobuild, New Build, Renovation & Retrofit; Clean Energy & Green foods. For more info see www.thegreenlivingshow.co.nz and www.organicexpo.co.nz. 

For tickets see www.eventfinder.co.nz


How to make a Bird Feeder

1. Mix dry ingredients into bowl. Use a 2:1 ratio of dry to oil/fat.

2. Melt some lard or suet in a pan, add dry mix. Stir until all fat abosorbed and mixture sticks together. Dry ingredients can be rolled oats, cheese, old crackers, seeds etc.

3. Make a hole in bottom of yoghurt pot, thread thru length of string, pack the pot with the warm fat mixture. 

4. Place in fridge overnight, then cut thru and peel away pot. Tie a big knot at one end of the string to secure the cake.

5. Hang cake in a tree or shrub and wait for birds to come and feast.


Chartwell Garden Club

Meets 7:30pm first Wednesday of the month at Chartwell co-operating parish, cnr of Belmont Ave & Comries Rd.

For more info, phone Pam 07 850 4294

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