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HCC Council of Elders

Posted 14 years, 3 months ago    0 comments

HI there,
HCC is calling for nominations for the 2009 Council of Elders - never heard of them?
Well they are meant to be a representative team (aged over 60) with wide range of experience who are elected by Hamilton residents over the age of 60. They need to have a strong interest in Hamilton and would like to help shape the city.

According to the website, "in 2008 the Council of Elders discussed, commented on, and advised Council on issues relative to the citizens of Hamilton including:

*City development and access
*City publications and tourism

Looking through the current council I would say that every church is represented, fed famers, motor industry, banking, real estate, some community organisations, but on the whole a very conservative bunch. (Nothing personal against any of those people who are on it, I applaud them for doing this) But with the baby boomers arriving into their 60s, surely it is time for change!
People with strong environmental interests are sadly lacking. Also not represented are arts, architecture, planning, hardly anything creative at all. Plus there is also only one woman!

If you know of anyone who would be prepared to go on this council please encourage them to apply - www.hamilton.co.nz/councilofelders.
Nominations close on 21 November

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