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Japanese movie and bellbirds

Posted 10 years, 1 month ago    0 comments

Late notice I know but it is great to be spontaneous!

Japanese movie this evening - notice from Don Bethune, who will be there handing out some backgrounder leaflets on Pete Bethune's predicament. He is happy to provide more info on Pete to anyone interested, and his phone is 846-5569.

Japanese film to be shown in L-Block Theatre, this evening 7-oo pm, The dialogue is English, it relates to a couple's desire for a Dream House, with the assistance of an eccentric Architect. It is said to be under the heading of Comedy, and has been nominated for a number of awards. There is no charge or booking needed.

Regards , Don Bethune


Note - check out www.ew.govt.nz the night before for an update

It didn't happen last week due to an unexpected health issue, but now that our bellbird friends are on the road to recovery, we're hoping to release them this weekend. We hope you can join us!

Bellbird release

Bellbirds haven't been seen in Hamilton for over 100 years. Now a multi-agency programme led by Landcare Research and the University of Waikato (assisted by Environment Waikato), is to release bellbirds from Auckland’s Tiritiri Matangi and Tawharanui bird sanctuaries into the Hamilton Gardens, with the aim of ultimately building up a breeding population in the city.

Bring the family and join us for the historic release of bellbirds into Te Parapara Garden

Where: Te Parapara Garden at The Hamilton Gardens
When: Sunday, 16 May at 8am

If for any reason the bellbirds aren't able to be brought from Auckland, a postponement notice will be on Environment Waikato's website www.ew.govt.nz by 5pm Saturday evening.






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