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National EC Coordinator job available

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Job Vacancy – National Coordinator

Sustainability Trust (Wellington) is seeking a part-time coordinator to establish a National Collective of Environment Centres.

This position would project manage the establishment of a functional collective, building on an existing Feasibility Study completed in January 2012. The successful candidate will update research from the Study, facilitate monthly Steering Committee meetings with Environment Centre representatives, research and offer appropriate recommendations, establish an efficient communication system between all environment centres, and coordinate effective sharing of resources and information. The position will also organise a national hui of Environment Centres and will action agreed items to progress the National Collective.

This position will be based in Wellington at Sustainability Trust, but will have a working relationship with 11 other Environment Centres around the country. It is a 15 hour/week position for one year commencing January 2014.

Please send CV and Cover letter to Christina, christina@sustaintrust.org.nz.

Applications close 4th December 2014. (JD attached)

JD_EC National Collective Coordinator.docx

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