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Posted 9 years, 5 months ago    0 comments

Hi everyone,

The Waikato Envirocentre now has a page on Meetup -http://www.meetup.com/Waikato-Envirocentre/

We will give it a trial to see how effective it is but on the face of it I can see quite  a few advantages as a notification system about what is going on - but you all need to register and  join our group to be able to say if you are going or not.

It is all quite easy -

1. Groups  put out a notification, people can say whether or not they want to go once they have registered and joined the group.

2. The events are seen by anyone who registers on Meetup using the same interest tags eg conservation, energy efficiency, cycling etc etc, so the audience is potentially a lot larger than just our newsletters and facebook. We can add tags so the tag could be the name of your group and then people can opt to only receive those notifications. You can keep messages private to your group if you wish.

3. There is more immediate ability to get in touch with all group members for changes, weather, add information etc.

4. Notifications can go to your phone if you want.

5. You can see who else is going to an event and arrange shared transport.

6. The Waikato Environcentre has a page which we are paying a very small amount for monthly so we are happy to do that on behalf of groups. Events can repeat which is helpful.

7 Have a look and see what you think! And register, especially if you are the organiser of events so I can change the organiser to someone other than me!

There are lots of other  interesting  groups too!



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