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Minerals industry to be able to veto conservation park boundaries

Posted 13 years, 3 months ago    1 comment

This is outrageous!

Government mining papers released by the Green Party this week, and confirmation from the Minister’s office, show that the minerals industry will now have the privilege of being able to veto new conservation park boundaries, in secret.

“The Government has given its mining department a right of veto over all new Park and reserve boundaries, giving the mining industry an advantage over conservation and the public interest,” said Green Party Co-leader Metiria Turei.
“It is unacceptable that Crown Minerals will have the power to veto, behind closed doors, the boundaries of new public parks and reserves.”

 Crown Minerals and the mining industry work closely together. Crown Minerals describes the mining industry as ‘clients’, on behalf of whom it will “promote the potential contribution of the mineral estate to regional economic development”.

 “Giving one industry such privilege and potentially denying the public a right to know is anti-democratic and effectively privatises decisions over managing our public conservation land,” said Mrs Turei.

 “If the Government proceeds with this change, the public may never know if Crown Minerals vetoed a boundary. That’s not open and honest Government.”

The Government has adopted the Ministry of Economic Development’s (MED) recommendation: “that DOC notify MED a month prior to publicly notifying a DOC proposal to classify or reclassify an area”. DOC recommended against this veto. The veto is soon to be formalised between the two agencies.

“Classifying or reclassifying an area can mean creating a new park, extending park boundaries, or elevating general conservation land to a higher protected status because of endangered species or special values,” said Mrs Turei.

“Large tracts of conservation land obtained through tenure review, or purchased by Government funds, will become Conservation Parks; however, now the mining industry will be able to control the boundaries.

“In April, the Conservation Minister excluded a high-conservation value area from the Oteake Conservation Park due to lignite deposits, against DOC’s advice. We disagreed completely with his decision, but at least it was done in public. In future such deals will be done in secret.

The MED advice notes that this option: 'Minimises the risk of potential adverse public reaction arising from subsequent amendment of a proposal for mineral related reasons'. Mrs Turei said that this shows the clear intention to allow boundary changes in secret to avoid public outcry.

“It is entirely reasonable that Crown Minerals should advocate for the interests of the mining industry, but it is only fair that there is a level playing field with advocacy for conservation and recreation values, and the public interest." said Mrs Turei. "At the end of the day, it’s public land.”

“This Government, not content with seeking to reverse a political consensus on Schedule 4, is happy to let the mining industry veto public conservation land decisions. It’s not OK, Minister Brownlee.”


The OIA papers
Crown Minerals' strategic
Look on the Greens website to download a petition form or come and sign one in the Environment Centre or send an ecard


Lorraine Dixon
13 years, 3 months ago
This is outrageous! It does not show the clean,green leadership to the world at all! We're raping our lands and our grandchildren we will end up with holes in their backyards. Mineral mining has had a long history with us in our small little town. To the point our homes and our community halls are subsiding! What kind of leadership are we showing to our future generation? "Grab what you can and to hell with our future generation?" I wonder, has any took into consideration the environmental effects that this will have? What kinds of consenquences? You only have to look at the past in terms of mining and it will show that our natural waters (including bores) have had an effect. Why is it that we rely on big wicks strategies rather than relying on common sense?



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