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More re: Bikes!

Posted 12 years, 1 month ago    0 comments

If you saw our newsletter regarding David Wilson's penny farthing expedition, then you might like the Hamilton Press' article:



Come ride our electric bike!

Nip up to our offices Thursday and Friday this week (10am - 4pm) and ask to a ride an electric bike around the block a few times - we'll even loan you a helmet.  

At the moment the bike is loitering at the stand outside our office - 25 Ward Street, Hamilton. Feel free to admire it. Then come up to see us on Level 1 for the key and helmet.

The bike is easy to pedal, and turning on the power to enjoy effortless travel is even more fun! We're told the battery allows a travel distance of up to 50km but we'd prefer you came back within 10 minutes. The pedal crank is fitted with a chain guard to avoid trouser legs/long skirts catching in it. 

We look forward to seeing you!


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