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More Electric Bikes

Posted 12 years, 3 months ago    0 comments

Brian from More Moblity Hamilton today left us with a new electric bike to try: the Volto TDF03 Zhttp://www.volto.co.nz/electric-bike-volto-tdf03z.html

It's available for everyone to trial - if you'd like to give electric bikes a go then come on down to our offices between 10am - 4pm Mon-Fri at Level One, 25 Ward Street, Hamilton for the key (and helmet).

Incidentally, we've now trialled the following electric bikes:

Wisper 705seL.  http://www.wisperbikes.com/705sel.php  Wisper is a UK-based company and therefore is obliged by EU regulations to retail only 'pedal assist' electric bikes (the battery cannot be engaged "at will" and instead kicks in only if the pedals are turned). Nice design, rides well. If you fancy trialling a Wisper then contact Sam at Evolution Cycles (99 Kent Street, Hamilton) 07 847 2325 or info@evolutioncycles.co.nz

Flying Cat "Wynd" http://www.burkescycles.co.nz/prod/m100/fcw.html Flying Cat is a French company, so again is bound by EU reglations thus their range of bikes is also 'pedal assist'. The "Wynd" is collapsible - handy if you're often using trains/buses, or need to throw the bike in your car's boot, or even store it indoors at the office. Flying Cat also make traditional 'fixed' bikes. Contact Arnaud 021 147 1660 flyingcatnz@gmail.com

eZee bikes "Liv" and "Sprint"http://www.ezeebike.com/eZeebike.htm eZee are Canadian, and thus able to provide 'throttle' control of the battery - you can pedal, or use the throttle to add power, or both.

NZ legislation regarding electric bikes is fairly sensible - if the battery has an output of under 300W (which all the above bikes do) then the electric bike is treated as if it were a push bike: WOF/driver's licence not required, but all road rules applicable to cyclists must be obeyed.


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