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EnviroExpo 2016.

Are you a business, organisation or community group with an awesome product or initiative to share with the community?

Well, here is your opportunity to do just that! Come and join the EnviroExpo 2016. The EnviroExpo is part of the Waikato Show - 15,000 people attended the show last year, so this is a fantastic opportunity to engage with the Waikato Community.

Join us to inspire and enthuse our community with endless possibility. Contact Anna for a copy of the EnviroExpo prospectus today – anna@envirocentre.org.nz


An Opportunity To Be Inspired

…Come and join with others to positively encourage Hamilton City Council to become a leader in the area of Sustainability.

An Evening with the Sustainability Advisory Panel

Monday the 15th of February, 5-7pm,

The Green Space, 60 Te Aroha St, Hamilton

Nibbles provided, RSVP to Anna at anna@envirocentre.org.nz

What’s it all about?

In 2013, Hamilton City Council formed the Sustainability Advisory Panel. The purpose of the panel was to undertake an annual technical assessment of Council’s Sustainable Hamilton Strategy.

In March 2014, the panel presented a report to council with a number of recommendations including that sustainability should be an overarching framework for all economic, social and environmental strategies.

In May 2015, the panel also submitted their report to Council’s 10-Year Plan consultation process to have it formally received by Council. You can access the panel’s report here

A summary was presented to the August subcommittee – see here.

These are exciting times! The panel’s report and recommendations are currently being considered by council. The CEO will be reporting back on the panel’s report at a council meeting on Tuesday the 23rd of February (meeting starts at 1.30pm, so pop it in your diary now!).

And even more exciting news...Mayor Julie Hardaker recently signed the Local Government Leaders Climate Change Declaration – so the time is ripe to get behind Hamilton City Council and support this wonderful direction. Here is your opportunity to get involved…

Come along to “An Evening with the Sustainability Advisory Panel”

Monday the 15th of February at The Green Space

5pm – Welcome

5.15pm – Presentation of the panel’s report and history of the panel

6.15pm – Where to from here? Hamilton City Council meeting on the 23rd of February

7pm - Close

Let’s show our support for Sustainability in Hamilton!!


Waikato Climate Action – Clean-up Mission

A message from the Waikato Climate Action network - If you see any “Solution not Pollution” notices like this around town, the Waikato Climate Action Network would like to know - they are on a post event clean up mission. CONTACTwaikatoclimate@gmail.com


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