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New product now available in the Environment Centre - PoultryZing

Posted 9 years, 8 months ago    0 comments

We are now stocking Poultry Zing

Probiotic Feed Supplement for Poultry

PoultryZing is a mixture of feed grade materials which have been fermented with beneficial micro-organisms for supplementing the normal daily feed ration of chickens.
Added to the feed of chickens it can increase the microbiological activity of the feed and its nutritional value and improve the quality of animal products. The mix contains crushed wheat , bran, NuFeed and natural beneficial micro-organisms [GRAS approved].

PoultryZing is not an animal remedy as is classified as exempt from AVCM Act.

Regular usage of PoultryZing can . . .

  • Enhance and aid the digestion and conversion of the feed
  • Enhance the intestinal microflora
  • Provide disease resistance
  • Help reduce odour and breakdown of faecal matter

Add to daily feed ration:
Chickens - 1%of daily feed – up to 1-2gms per bird per day
Layers/Broilers - 3% of daily feed-approx 5gms per day

Consult your Vet for any animal health issues.

Nutritional analysis:
Nitrogen % 2.5
Dry Matter % 91.3
Crude Protein %15.9
Ash %10.2
Soluble Sugar % 0.8
Crude Fat % 2.7
Digestability Of Dry Matter % 76.3
Metabolisable Energy % 11.3


All in all I would say the Zing improved feed digestion levels incredibly thus improving hen health and productivity which means they made more eggs while needing to eat less feed!

Price: 1.75kg Bag - $15.50

(Green Card members get a 10% discount)

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