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 Healthy Soils & Fertile Gardens

Tutor: Kim Mounsey

Get down to the nitty gritty of understanding the nature of soils.

You will learn how to identify soil structure and its health as well as how to apply and make fertilisers, composting and revitalisation aids. In this workshop you will be able to identify the ecological functions as well as the characteristics of the elements in Zone 1 and observe energy flows which will help to inform your garden layout & design. You will explore preparation methods like double-dig and no-dig and the value of mulching, companion and rotation planting.

The workshop will also include an afternoon tour of the Sustainable Backyard and a copy of the Hamilton Gardens’ Sustainable Backyard Garden book to complement your course experience.


When: Saturday, 9 July; 9am¬–5pm.

Where: HGC2/3 Classroom, Hamilton Gardens

Fee: $135 (Discount available for WEC members)

This session can be attended as a workshop or be credited towards a Permaculture Design Certificate (Module 6).


To find out more or book a place email

permaculture@envirocentre.org.nz or call us

on 839 4452.

 Sustainable Backyard Tour

Come with us on a journey through the Hamilton Gardens’ Sustainable Backyard. The garden is part of Hamilton Gardens’ Productive Collection and was designed to illustrate sustainable principles. The garden demonstrates how a typical suburban garden could be transformed into a productive, edible landscape that provides a continuous supply of organic fruit and vegetables throughout the year.

We will be firing up the pizza oven for a shared lunch. Just bring along your pre-made pizza.


Places are limited to 25 people in the morning and 10 people in the afternoon tour.

When: Saturday, 9 July; 10-11.30am or 2-3.30pm

Where: Sustainable Backyard Garden, Hamilton Gardens

Fee: Adults $13.50; Under 12 years free (Discount available for WEC members).

Includes a copy of the Hamilton Gardens’ Sustainable Backyard Garden book.

Booking is essential: call us on 839 4452 or email permaculture@envirocentre.org.nz



When: Tuesday 26th July  12.30 to 3.30


When: Friday 15 July 10am to 4pm

Where:: The University of Waikato, Gallagher Academy of Performing Art Gate 2b, Knighton Road, Hamilton

Admission: Free

In conjuction with Waikato Regional Council, The University of Waikato is hosting a day to share with staff, students and our communities. It’s about inspiring, practising and celebrating sustainability and imagining what a sustainable future will look like. Running from 10am¬ to 4pm in the Academy, the event is free and open to the public and will include workshops, lectures, research showcases and entertainment.



Book for this Free Webinar:

When: 12th July 11.00am, presented by Nan Wehipeihana

Community Research webinars are live, online events where community sector professionals, and others, share professional expertise about what’s working in the community sector.

A Vision for Indigenous Evaluation

A framework for increasing participation and control by Indigenous peoples

When: Tuesday, 12 July from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (NZST) Book here

These 30-60 minute events take place at your desk.  Places are free of charge.



When: Friday 22nd July, 2016 12.15 pm to 1pm

Where: Central Library, Presentation Space, Level 3, Garden Place, Hamilton.

What we will be talking about in relation to these two topics is really the protection or management of our assets and our personal wellbeing.

When we think about changes which impact on our assets and personal wellbeing, it includes illness, accidents, age and death.

It therefore requires individuals to carefully plan for different scenarios they may face which could ultimately leave them without the capacity to take care of their own affairs (property and personal welfare).

Today we will take a general look at tools for protection broadly speaking in two categories:

Whilst you are alive – Power of Attorney

Once you pass away - Wills

The seminar is being delivered by Solicitor- Kirsty Tyson, who has been with Community Law Waikato for the past 4 years.






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