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Custodian Position: Te Kauri Lodge, Oparau, SH31, near Kawhia

Posted 8 years, 6 months ago    50 comments

A unique lifestyle opportunity in beautiful bush surroundings of Te Kauri Park.

Part-time Custodian position includes managing lodge bookings, welcoming lodge guests,  lodge operation and general maintenance.

Would suit a recently retired or semi-retired person or couple with an interest in conservation, excellent customer relations and general handy-person skills. Physical fitness and computer experience also required.

Accommodation provided (unfurnished 3-bedroom house).

Full job description available by request to  president@junats.org.nz,  or Dave Matthews 07 846 4013 or Mike Safey 07 855 1242.

CV  and covering letter to be sent to: Custodian Position, Hamilton Junior Naturalist Club (Inc), PO Box 7030 Hamilton 3247, or to president@junats.org.nz

Applications close 12 January 2012


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