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Land Use Change Effects on River Ecosystems; Planting-by-the-Moon Wheel; Maui's Dolphin update

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1pm Friday 16 March 2012

University of Waikato, Room S.1.01

“Land Use Change Effects on River Ecosystems”

Dr Jason Julian (2012 Fulbright Fellow, Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability, University of Oklahoma http://geography.ou.edu/lcluc/)

Broad-scale changes in land use have a range of consequences for river ecosystems.  In this seminar, Dr Julian discusses land use change impacts on catchment runoff, floodplain vegetation, channel geometry, light regimes, and in-stream primary productivity, using several case studies in the eastern half of the United States.  He will demonstrate how land use affects catchment water runoff across the eastern Piedmont, and describes how land use change has affected floodplain vegetation and river channel geometry along the Canadian River, a large floodplain-river system in eastern Oklahoma.  Lastly he shows how these changes in hydrology and geomorphology from land use change impact light regimes and primary productivity in three river systems in central Wisconsin.  He will also discuss research he is conducting in New Zealand focusing on water quality trends associated with land use change over the past 20 years.


Here at the Waikato Environment Centre (Level One, 25 Ward Street, Hamilton) we've just placed an order for

Planting-by-the-Moon "wheel" calendars 

who'd like one ??


Maui's Dolphins - update

Whiangaroa Environment Centre's popular "Maui's Dolphin Day" last Saturday (10 March 2012) helped link groups and individuals working towards safer seas for Maui's dolphins.

By chance, within the next few days a small number of Maui's were filmed bow-riding a fishing boat off Manu Point, Raglan.

Unfortunately Maui's are still on the brink of extinction: a study in 2005 estimated 111 Maui's dolphins exist, however the Department of Conservation now believes only 55 adult Maui’s dolphins are left. As a result, the Department plans to extend set-net bans on the West Coast, and to bring forward by 1 year the review of the Threat Management Plan for both Maui’s and Hectors dolphins.  Read more here.


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