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Refit - new organisation

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1. Craig Potton talk tonight at Hamilton Gardens 7pm, put on by Forest and Bird. $5 adults, children free.

2. Enviroment Centre AGM 6pm Monday 11th May in the Environment Centre

New organisation you may be interested in:

REFIT-NZ (Renewable Energy Feed in Tariff –NZ) is a newly formed charitable trust.
REFIT-NZ is educating the public about Feed-in Tariffs, a renewable energy policy widely recognised by the rest of the world as being the best strategy to increase the uptake of small-scale renewables, help resolve issues around security of energy supply and rising power bills. By harnessing the collective power of New Zealanders, REFIT-NZ’s aim is to drive change for fairer market conditions within New Zealand’s energy industry so that all New Zealanders have a chance to make a profit by producing using and selling renewable energy.
REFIT-NZ represents all New Zealanders by raising public awareness and creating opportunities for everyone to benefit economically, socially and environmentally. These benefits are wide ranging and certainly not restricted to those who choose to generate their own renewable energy. You can learn more about this on our website.
REFIT-NZ welcomes partnership and support from all industry associations, organisations, individuals and communities who share common goals and desires to improve the energy industry in New Zealand and push for the introduction of a Feed-in Tariff policy. As a charitable and totally independent organisation, REFIT-NZ obviously relies on financial contributions from organisations and individuals, as well as widespread public support, to achieve success for New Zealanders.
I encourage you to visit our website at http://www.refit.org.nz to learn more about us and register as a supporter. The only way changes will be made is if a clear message is sent to decision makers that this is what New Zealanders want! If you are interested in becoming more involved with REFIT-NZ through corporate partnership and/or an ambassadorial role, we will welcome you with open arms so please don’t hesitate to contact me!
Charmaine Watts | REFIT-NZ | Fitting out New Zealand with renewable energy | http://www.refit.org.nz E charmaine.watts@refit.org.nz | Twitter wattspower | M 024 679 4044 | W 09 235 5082 | A Gleeson Rd, RD3 Waiuku, Auckland 2683

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