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The Cove reminder

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Film Screening on Wednesday night 7.30 - The Cove -
please forward to your contacts

Find out why this documentary won over 45 awards and was nominated for an Oscar.Rated M.

Gold coin koha.

Q&A session with Peggy Oki after the screenings.
Environment Centre Hamilton, 25 Ward St, Hamilton
Bookings essential for the Hamilton showing. Phone 839 4452

With special guest Peggy Oki who from August through November 2009,  served as “Cove Captain” liaison for the Save Japan Dolphins campaign in conjunction with screenings of “The Cove” in the Santa Barbara (California) area. In February 2010 she coordinated a premier screening in Dominica, and continues to work in this effort to raise awareness about the slaughter of cetaceans through the Origami Whales Project and the movie.

The Origami Whales Project has returned to New Zealand to raise awareness to the plight of dolphins locally as well as globally. A number of activities include a school visit the "Community & Environment Day" (6th of March 2010), and at least two free public screenings of "The Cove".
An Origami Maui's Dolphin Art Competition will be held. The winning 111 will be stitched together to send to the appropriate government office &/or exhibit to continue our efforts to express our concerns and ask the government to act swiftly to protect the remaining 111 of these critically endangered dolphins left. In 2009 the Origami Whales Project extended a helping hand to the critically Endangered Maui's & Hector's Dolphins of New Zealand. Please click here for information on the "Curtain of 1,111 Origami Maui's Dolphins" and how you can help the critically endangered Maui's & Hector's Dolphins.

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