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Land Transport - GPS submission and TV7 programme on Seoul highway

Posted 11 years, 8 months ago    0 comments

Please find attached a document released yesterday afternoon on the proposed direction for the next Government Policy Statement on Land Transport Funding, and a covering letter inviting submissions on its proposed direction. Deadline for submissions May 27

As you can see our present government is all about economic benefits of building more roads.

Don't know if anyone else watched a programme, on TV 7 about Seoul tearing down its motorway and replacing it with a park. There was a comment that traffic is not like a liquid flowing, it is more like a gas filling available space. The Koreans did not have increased traffic on surrounding roads after they removed this one, the amount of traffic decreased and the public transport improved.

Here is a link to an article about the project - I found it gobsmacking that a huge city could be so brave as to remove such a huge piece of infrastructure - and what a fantastic result - have a look -


Engagement Document for GPS 2012.pdf

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