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Tui feeders wanted - Hamilton area

Posted 8 years, 8 months ago    0 comments

Tui feeders wanted - Hamilton area

(Please reply to the Massey University contact below, not to the Waikato Environment Centre)

Massey University students, from the Auckland campus, are conducting research on tui. In order to understand the degree of gene flow between populations, one aspect they are focusing upon is genetic population structure in different regions of New Zealand.

For this study they need samples of tui from the Hamilton area and would like to hear from anyone in Hamilton who feed tui using sugar-water feeders.

PhD student Sarah Wells will contact those who reply. Sarah will provide details about the study and the methods of catching tui and obtaining sample in order to help people decide whether they could be included in this study,

Please reply by email to J.J.Weihong@massey.ac.nz ( Dr Weihong Ji, Senior Lecturer, Human-Wildlife Interactions Research Group, Institute of Natural Sciences, Massey University, Albany, Auckland).



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