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Waiwhakareke update

Posted 8 years, 11 months ago    0 comments

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More information can also be seen on Sustainable Waikato

There will be a HCC meeting this Thursday 2.30pm in the Council Chamber. There is a motion to revoke the previous Council's resolution (to make the land part of the Waiwhakareke reserve)

At this stage the Proposed District Plan still has that parcel of land designated as an open spaces zone - residential development is a non complying activity. If this motion is passed then there are a number of issues that will need to be considered before this land is rezoned/available for development. At this stage it is not sure what those process(es) will need to be as the Commissioner who is considering the Proposed District Plan is not due to make their decision public until at least April.

At the HCC meeting, 30 minutes are set aside as a public forum to speak to this - 3 minutes each but you need to phone 838-6772 to register to speak before this date.

The full agenda and minutes of the Dec meeting can be found here:




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