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Weedbusters Funding

Posted 9 years, 11 months ago    0 comments

I’m really pleased to be able to let you all know about the Weedbusters Small Scale Initiatives Funding which is in place and ready for applications.

The Weedbusters small-scale initiative fund, supported by individual regional councils, unitary authorities, and Department of Conservation, provides funds for Weedbusters groups to cover ‘small scale’ costs such as tools, herbicides, mulcher hire, greenwaste disposal, promotional activities within communities to get Weedbusters groups off the ground, and so on - those little things that would fall outside the criteria of larger environmental grants and which aren’t substantial enough to justify lengthy applications for funding from other sources.

This funding is also on a ‘first in, best dressed’ basis, with no cut off date for applications. Ideally the funding would benefit a number of projects per region, not just one.

The total amount available is $2000 per year per region participating - $1000 from the regional council/unitary authority, and $1000 from Weedbusters national budget on behalf of DOC.

Check out the full conditions for the Weedbusters Small Scale Initiatives Funding are at http://www.weedbusters.org.nz/funding/initiative_fund.asp.

 It would be great to see ALL this funding for EVERY region participating be utilised this financial year – use it or lose it! – so start spreading the word around your community groups and other contacts and encourage them to apply on the forms provided at the link above.

 Give a yell if you have any questions or need more information.

 Carolyn Lewis
National Weedbusters Coordinator  carolyn.lewis@xtra.co.nz


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