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WEL Energy Trust elections

Posted 16 years ago    0 comments

You will receive your voting papers in the next day or so.

The Environment Centre Trust does not endorse individual candidates but we are concerned that there are WEL Energy Trust candidates who are wanting to reduce the grants available to community groups. At present there is a 90% rebate to 10% community grants split, which means that most households get at least a month of power rebated which is helpful.

However if that other 10% is also put into rebates then the extra amount each household would receive would be very small whereas the benefits to the community of support for community organisations and energy efficiency projects is extremely valuable. Some of the present WEL Energy trust members do not seem to value the work of volunteers, or acknowledge the huge contribution they make to all our lives in all spheres, sport, arts, social services, environment. They do not understand the incredible difference insulating old houses makes to many lives, not only in comfort for occupants, but all the other benefits to society in keeping people healthier.

So when you are making your decisions, please remember that the volunteer and not for profit community needs support, and we need WEL Trustees who, along with making sure that the business is properly run, understand the role of community support.

We  urge everyone to excercise their vote, and ask you to encourage all your friends, family and neighbours to do the same.



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