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Project Litefoot for Sport Clubs

Posted 12 years, 1 month ago    0 comments

For readers who belong to sport clubs:

Project Litefoot offers to visit and check your club premises in order to identify energy-saving opportunities.  These may include upgrading lightbulbs, installing hot water cylinder insulation and installing tap aerators.
They also produce an Environmental Impact Report with reccommendations that will help the club further reduce environmental impact.
Project Litefoot offers recognition, rewards and member involvement.
It is led by seven top sportspeople and is also about activating community sport to follow their lead. LiteClub is an entirely free service for sports clubs which is made possible by support from the Ministry of the Environment, ASB Community Trust, the Lion Foundation and EECA.
For further information visit any of the following:our websites: Litefoot and LiteClubwww.liteclub.org/register-your-club
LiteClub One Pager.pdf



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